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To unify the rainbow (lights traveling over waves) the song of love to everyone (through purification to flesh or lights, who are set free to know the glory with in, to sing or voice of everyone),  Holiness I need thee for all to see (illumination, the fire's light), the place where there is no disease (blessing through the sacred fire ceremony), the gardens' of paradise belongs to thee, the growth of a bloom (to and fro) for all to sea (vision of a heart), the heart of you and me! 

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:20 AM, <Holiness Nita Bright Star> wrote:
Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman)
Thank you!! (for sacred song blessing below)

Lavender (crown, not all lavenders wear the crown, Holiness Nita does belong to the people and wears their crown for them).
What's the different to have and not to wear this crown?

Bless myself, bless you all, bless this world.
Best regards,
Holiness Nita Bright Star.

Beloved Holiness Nita Bright Star,

Those who wear the crown, belong to the people, not to themselves.  This means we, who wear the crown, really need keepers and advisers around us, a council of elders would be more appropriate, like royal crowns do. To take care of us.

Those who do not wear the crown, belong to themselves, and this makes them elders to those who are crown wearers.  They have already gone through the crown and they are learning to transform to the next color.

This happens with Lavender and Red crowns and lavender and red overlays some wear crowns (princ/ess), and with Crystal crowns belonging to the people.  However crystal overlays do not wear crowns (no princ/ess), as you have a crystal overlay too, and know truth. 

This took me awhile to figure this out (it's in all the songs-everyone is a teacher), but it's also all in the color we wear (the reading of numinous and luminous lights, the reader of the book of life, your wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter, the crystal person).  I thought every lavender wore a crown, but then I asked, and found out the truth. Colors are difficult to understand.  You know that Rainbow wears no crown (belonging to the people, as Mother, the Vibration of the Rainbow Colors - total physical healing), but can move to Silver (law of Mother - spiritual healing, not many of these in the world right now), by the way still a Rainbow person.  The same type of transforming or descending of the soul as it's gets older. 

Some people are starting to sea (vision of the heart) the silver cord to our Mothers from heaven, and get this confused with the yellow cord, to the center of space, we call Grandmother Space the place of dreams.  Although, the yellow cord is the center of the color spectrum, and is more visible, while in spiritual flight, as it's in the middle.  We call it the rising sun, the unification of the Red road (flesh of luminosity, we call lightness) and Blue road (soul of numinosity, we call darkness).

One thing, I have found are those who wear colors in their overlays, which are the colors of the keepers.  This you do not carry, but some do.  Like a crowned lavender, may have a violet overlay, which makes them a keeper to themselves.  This can help a lot, for these people.  Recently found a crystal person like this (keeper to self).

Each crown has a keeper on both sides of their crowned color.  The crystal is called the door keeper.  The lavender is called the gate keeper.  Now, the Red Crown has no keeper (just found that out, because you inquired, thank you), because they are the eldest soul
(on Earth for Humans, for animals, plants and rocks are older souls), and as such, is pure law.  They are more like police, the law of heaven upon earth.  You see the color red (crown or princ/ess overlay) is the law of love, and they are the law of love guiding the rest of us, down here, where the bright lights flow upon Earth, our rolling hills.

Alright beloved, thank you for your inquiry and I bless you down the rolling hills, my love, you are the perfect seed, the holy truth that bleeds (those who know the law of love, gifts life to all in strife).

your devoted servant,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org prophecy of rainbow warriors
endurance and hope, represented by the crest of the celestial crown

Twin Deer Mother <whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 22:31:31 -0800
To: Holiness Nita Bright Star
Subject: Re: Interpretation and Sacred Song Blessing!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Holiness Nita Bright Star Sings to Us Again, to Speak of Love, the Key to Removing Sin!

Dear Twin Deer Mother (White Buffalo Calf Woman),
I would like to ask for your kind help again to read my interpretation.
And if possible, I would like to hear the Song for me too. I was born in 6th April 1980 in a Metal Monkey Year.

Thank you very much!
Bless you all,
Holiness Nita Bright Star

Beloved Holiness Bright Star (crown),

Lavender (crown, not all lavenders wear the crown, Holiness Nita does belong to the people and wear their crown for them), crystal and peach (orange) and grandmother space (gray). You are still on the list of rainbow colors interpretation #61 (My list and the hard drive was not available to me, for many months, and just now received it back for conclusion of interpretations.  Many are waiting and I do apologize).

Nita means Gift from God, the wandering of the guided or led (to her).  And thus God tells us, that she is our heart, when we trust and look at her, to open and start (the great migration).  She's crafty and legion, to arms we do shout.  She brings to us armies, who will mount the royal heart.  And when she is looking at what we are against, she looks for the answers, where it's heaven sent.  Trust her heart, because she knows the way.  Look her name up in the sky above (the star that shines in the heavens), and then you will know, the star, that leads the way, the gift from God, tells us to pray...

She is the dove's oven, she burns them alive.  Tell her she has come home to us.  We have been waiting.  She is the dove of our dreams,  her fire purifies our souls, can you not hear her sing to us.  Can you not see her beauty bright.  She is the flowing of perfection.  We will go to her at the time of the reckoning and she will be safe.  You may call her the Bright Star. 

Being born April 6, 1980, the Metal Monkey tells us much more, that supports your sacred four directions, the lights that you bear.  However, there are many that show us this path, but I will add a few words to show how you last and last.  The Aries is always full of the spring, where water blossoms, to know it's a birth again. And the Metal is the magnetic burst, the flowing and knowing of the energy girth (the flowing and knowing). The Monkey is crafty, to bring the perfect age, he always know how to do everything always.  And this makes others jealous, because he (luminosity) can play, any game, and always win, and this makes others walk away.  You are so much like the Monkey King, he brings the stories, and yet triumphs the mass, because his heart is always pure, not gray (Black and white, with too many choices, like Grandmother Space.  For there is only one true choice, love is the key!), because he loves the people, and shows them the way!

We are always changing, and thus, you get new songs inside your heart every day, so today, we offer you, your heart, the palace you play.  Remember any day, you need a pick me up, it's so easy to gift the song of love, that it comes like a song, that I hear in the wind, and I don't have to think, but only listen and sing - type along.  Sow any time, and help others to remember, it's in the air we breath, and help them realize, that "they needs" songs to hear, because it's a perfection of their souls they do ring.  And I am so happy, to offer this song to them to help them remember who they are. But today, we hear...

Sacred Song Blessings for Holiness Nita Bright Star

Inside my heart, I come to you today.  I long to have a perfect start in all I say and do, but you aren't here with me, you always seem to turn away.  Why don't you look at me, I'm your perfect way?  There is so much to do, I have so much to say.  My people they need me, but they don't learn and pray.  They look out and wonder, which way do I turn.  But they don't realize, that I am right here today. 

It's a time of wandering, inside where it is dark.  It is a time of placing faith in the darkening heart, because it's heaven, that needs a song to hear.  We've got to purify, for our relatives so near.  But we often don't realize, that we need them so.  We often don't look at the ones, who do glow, because we fear what we don't understand.  Allow their hearts to open up and be grand.

My love is beckoning, come home to my hands.  Come take refuge in my love and all will be okay.  And when you don't understand, and you look away, my child, won't you allow me to purify the sin.  I am here to help you.  I am here to understand.  I am here to hold you, when you are full of sin.  And my love will purify you, even when you don't dance, because it's unity, that lasts and lasts.

There is one fellow, he rises up to me.  There my heart clings to this final liberty.  And I call it brotherhood, the light that sets us free.  Come and be with me, and dance in the breeze.  How about you come and dance, and we can fill the air (rainbow colors of the clan).  With song and majesty, with all that is so bare (empty hearts).  We can pick the cotton off the plants, who need to give, and we can sew a blanket, for all to be warm, a better place to live (embrace of loving arms of Oneness family).  Together forever, is where we are going too.  We are the place of growing with a view.  And my heart knows, you just need a hand or two, for an embrace of love is inside of you.

Come my sisters, let us rejoice in law.  That heaven brings, to show the world of doves.  And we are going to show how to sing and dance, with a pure heart, like heavens meant to last.  It's the law of love, that saves all the days.  It's the law of love, that saves all our ways.  It's the law of love, that we fight for this day.  Come my sisters, let's fight for that embrace.

And when we are down, look for those who seem to know the way.  The Rainbow Clan, who choose to pray this day.  They will offer you blessings in all you do, just walk towards them, and feel the love within you.  Forever and ever is a very long time, yet we need know, that we are part of fellow man (light is maleness, and darkness is femaleness).  And when we rock (crystalline river of perfection) and roll (waves of colors), we play a perfect tune, the song of salvation, that is coming home so soon. And joy will be known, for those who claim their faith in man, because we need so many to be the birth that has (man who survives, will be the birthing stock for the third phase of evolution).

Joy comes to those who pray and bless.  Joy finds the perfect nest and gifts salvation's way.  And joy know no boundaries, to folly and play, because we are here to learn a new way.  We are here to be the perfect loving day.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother
your devoted servant,
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter
alightfromwithin.org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Warriors of the Earth  

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!