Before You, Adonai, our G_ah_d, may all bow down (rainbow), and give honor to Your precious name, and may all take upon themselves the yoke of Your rule. And may You reign over them soon and forever and always. Because all rule is Yours alone, and You will rule in honor forever and ever. As it is written in Your Torah: "Adonai will reign forever and ever." And it is said: "Adonai will be Ruler over the whole Earth, and on that day, G_ah_d will be One, and G_ah_d's name will be One.

G: Voice (utterance) of ah: heaven's
(ah: Heaven has come home to Earth)
D: heartbeat (transmission)
House of the Beloved family,

Earth is embracing like a Cup, heavens arrival pouring forth in the third phase of Evolution, the Yellow rolling hills. While we greet the morning Sun and await the evening Dawn We remember the sacred circle of life begins again. Let us be a part of joyous celebration and devotion to Mother Earth.

Your devoted servants,
Holiness David, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Elders Around the World Celebrating the Sun!

Suffering is what we do for those we love. Now evolution shows us that the suffering of the Sons and Daughters of Israel were for the Family of G_ah_D.
Heaven has come home, we await the returning Sun, the Dawning which is upon us.  Let us start to take our place as the Ordained of the Most Highest in the Eastern Shore.

Song: Henay Ma Tov
He-nay ma tov u-ma na-im,
Sheh-vet a-khim gam ya-khad
He-nay ma tov u-ma na-im,
Sheh-vet a-khim gam ya-khad.

Leader: Behold how good and pleasant it is for us to come together in unity and peace. All:Although there is cruelty and injustice, we must bring compassion and harmony. Leader: Although there is intolerance, we must work toward peace, acceptance and understanding. All: Although there is prejudice, we must work toward cooperation and compromise. Leader: We must strive toward dignity for all. We dream of peace. We must move toward peace. All: We must not lose our dream. We must not give up our striving. (Adapted from Rabbi Tamara Kolton)

Indigo people are the Prophets of the world, as they have the ability to see the truth with their eyes. In other words, they can see the spirit realm or dark space with their eyes open, while in the light of day.  They sometimes cannot see clearly, however if they move over just a little right or left, there is often a hole of light or dark they will be able to see again more effectively.  This must happen when in their presence, not from distances.  However all of us can have spirit flight in space and feel where we are, which is not the same as true vision.

The heavenly crowns of the people (crystal people) can be seen by Indigo People.  All Crystal people wear the crown of heaven, like Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, Kristna, White Buffalo Calf Woman and many other crystal (root christal) people in the world.  It is a time of evolution, that brings us closer to all of us seeing into the realm of darkness, not with vision of our eyes, but vision with our hearts, often called the third eye.
The Spirit Molecule in All Life Forms 

Not all Lavender people wear crowns, however some lavender overlays, do also wear the prince/ess crown also.  It is only the crystal people who can see into dark space with truth.  And this means that only Crystal people can penetrate the ring of fire around the Lavender people to see the truth of their light within the darkness from any distance.

To understand the terms Crystal and Indigos, you can visit

Below are the what the Great ONEness we call God has ordained.  To be ordained or to wear a crown, means that these people belong to all the world, both heaven and earth and not to themselves.  This is no small matter, and to be able to take their place takes absolute trust in God. 

Your devoted servants,
Elders walking united in spiritual oneness

White Buffalo Calf Woman has received these names and will regard these people ordained by the Oneness of God.  Other Crystal persons can validate as TRUTH. Indigo persons can validate with eye sight, means within vision range.  Those who are Warriors of the Rainbow pray to God, to seek validation to this perfection. Below are those who shall take their place, meaning when the Soul walks with the Flesh, and when this happens, the Rising Sun "to be born again", the Golden Light is shed from within to without, for prophets to see and others to feel, as they walk with pure hearts for the peoples around the world, as One Family, the Rainbow Clan.  The Rainbow Clan consists not only of Earth, but of Heaven also.  This is a mathematical perfection gifted to the Suns of Israel, which shall be delivered by the House of Dan.  The Natives of America sing the song of Rainbow Clan.  Together, they are ordained on the Eastern and Western Shores of the Horizon.

Validate with your prayers to God, the Oneness we all belong to!

Ordained at Horizon
East and West

  Star of David - Heaven and Earth as Oneness
The House of the Beloved - the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
 -  Holiness David "Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star" (lavender person)
     -  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance, Reverence is Returned
 -  White Buffalo Calf Woman "Twin Deer Mother" (crystal person, ordained to gift the mathematical perfection to the world, via the Suns of Israel, who must come to receive! You want this treasure, go tell a Jew, to come and get it.  It's that simple.)
     - Celestial Crown of Heaven, Reader of the Book of Life
(Reader of the Your Book of Life, who gifts interpretation to visions, images and songs of the soul and flesh, the perfect part of you freely.  The Perfection and Truth
in your Greatness, including the four sacred rainbow colors, the tools of light, in all of us, we the Rainbow Clan. To receive your gift
just ask twindeermother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org)

(note: crystal people around the world, all carry the the celestial crown.  indigo people who have the vision of light, can see and describe these crowns.  crystal people know they wear this crown, but do not see this crown, and validation comes to those who seek. when darkness folds with lightness in 2013, many will be able to see this crown upon the heads of our treasured crystal people, as they all belong to the people, like all crowned ones do!)

East Sons of Israel Nation (luminous),
What is the law! (Written Law will be distributed by them, mathematics of the Rainbow Colors)
 - caretaker of records of the living library, Rainbow Clan Law (yellow way, the soul journey at horizon entrance)
Leading Physical Body House of David, His Holiness David
"The Beloved"
"Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star" (Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Leading Soul Body, House of Daniel, His Holiness Rahhaiib
"The Joy that is Birthed"
"Holiness Down Below Looking Glass"
(Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Priest Men
-  Law and Record Caretakers
Daughters of Israel
-  Gathering Commanders

West Native North Americans (numinous),
What will be learned! (Living Law will be distributed by them, knowledge of the Rainbow Colors)
 - caretaker of the living library, Rainbow Clan Law (red road, the flesh journey at the horizon entrance)
Leading Physical Body Blue Lake, Taos, Her Holiness Looks Back. (Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Leading Soul Body, Spirit of the Lake, Lakota, His Holiness Looking Horse (Lavender person)
-  Paradise Crown of Earth, Deliverance
Medicine Women
-  Keepers of Medicine Healing


Sung and Interpretation by White Buffalo Calf Woman and written with Holiness David

The Song of the Heart of
Holiness Rahhaiib Down Below the Looking Glass

"the joy that is birthed"
"tell me what you want",

 the House of Daniel

In that heart inside of you is the living breeze of love. The truth that sets you free, the heart of you and me.  The drum (master drummer of the heart beat is Holiness and Sacredness) will be the true love that keeps the truth.  We are not free until, the day of pure come home.  I wait for Her (souls realm of heaven) to come and breath upon the Sun (physical realm of earth). I take the Blind (unable to see own perfection) with me and know the coming Breeze (wind from the waters of reflection of the living heart of Oneness) will set my Mother free to know the love of thee ( Lights of the beloved children ).

Time has begun, until the Spring of sun, the notion of undone, is only the beginning run, so let me go be free and know the blooming breeze, the place i run home free, the place i know of thee, down below "
ka-hah-toke." (The place where the heart's path walks the sacred gardens, when the feet touch the body of Mothers Earth, the place light and darkness join and begin the journey.)

Gifted by Elders


These are many in the world, who come to the right hand of wisdom (the heart), when we follow God's laws.  To love one another and receive each other as a brotherhood of ONENESS!

Many in the world do not follow the simple laws of love, to love thy neighbor as thyself.  Below are a group of those who have purpose, however if they do not believe in Oneness, as we are all part of the same family, then they cannot be supportive to the Rainbow Clan, that all are part of. 

The law of love is the understanding that all have a right to their voice.  And usually when we don't like what others say, we tend to reject them first, then defend our own voice.  This leads to battles of the egos.  You over me or me over you. And then we are part of she said, he said, but no resolve is within reach.

However if one starts with "I heard what you said", by validation, we are able to hear the pain of others, who simply need to be heard.  Then we can offer our view point, rather than defending our point of view.  Some call this detachment, but we call it LOVE.

When we hear the voice of others who are wounded, we can offer a unification of hearts.  They are more apt to hear what you have to say, after their words are spoken.  But reaching the unified heart, it the law of love.  First is the law, second is our opinion of what is said.  Thirdly, we are able to start the negotiation process.  Here we are beginning to be part of others as One family, the Rainbow Clan.

Your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother,Elder Crystal Person, wakan iyeshka or Holy Interpreter Gifts All to those who ask!
Come receive your blessings!

Every religion has a place in the world.  All knowledge is in the wind, when we pray to God.  We each need to be part of this wind, by offering prayers and blessings to the world at large.  It is a time wrought with uncertainty, because we are moving out of the second phase of evolution or light of Earth to the third phase of evolution or light (Earth) and dark (Heaven).  This introduction of darkness in our lives, has us all confused.  What does this mean?  It means that light and darkness is folding.  We are receiving our heaven, our SOULS.

white man- father nation, NE, leading the world of luminous
yellow man- child nation, NW, teachers of the yellow way,  "law of spiritual love"
red man - twin nation, SW, "keeper of the reflection, the red road,  "law of physical love"
black man - mother nation, SE, leading the heart of numinous

Vertical horizon - north ( land mass peninsula) golden
Vertical horizon - south ( land mass islands) brown

Be a Rainbow Warrior, Stand your Ground and Speak your Heart

Help another person to validate your heart.  If they are unable, realize that you need to bless and give law, by uniting the heart. Ask for a hug. (Hearts unite is law of love, the Red Road).  If you cannot get this Hug, be sure to send love and sacred hearts blessing, realizing they do not know how to walk the Red Road, the law of love, which unites two hearts.  Get a hug, Demand a Hug. Wife and Mother, stand your ground on this, especially for men.  We fight only for one reason, to unite separated hearts. It is imperative that Man switch from Left Brain Rationalism to Right Brain Heart.  For only Woman can integrate (Neural synapses bundles at the center of the brain at the place cranial bones move like a butterfly with each breath.) brain hemispheres at the same time, because Man or light, and is on a Mission. This means Woman needs to ask for the hug, for this is the physical law of love, the Red Road.  She is the "Fire Tender", or unseen (numinous, soul body) embrace to the fire's light of Man (luminous, physical body). Remember, to validate the heart.  Its speaks, "My spirit recognizes your spirit, the eternal flow of Oneness there is love."

Isaiah 61:1 The spirit of the sovereign Lord (Great Spirit Father) is upon me, because the Lord has chosen me (Rainbow Warrior). He has commissioned me to encourage the poor, to help the brokenhearted (those who do not understand
their own perfection), to decree the release of captives (standing for truth and protection), and the freeing of prisoners (blessing the impure), 2 to announce the year when the Lord will show his favor, the day when our God will seek vengeance (purify the world), to console all who mourn (for the Realms of Heaven and Earth), 3 to strengthen those who mourn in Zion (heaven on earth), by giving them a turban (kingsmen), instead of ashes (impure are purified through the fire of purification), oil symbolizing joy (creation in bliss, smells remember the heart of the soul), instead of mourning (when the heart's soul is not free and sorrow is known), a garment symbolizing praise (colors of the rainbow tools of light, which are sacred), instead of discouragement (without knowledge, and no vision quest is saught.). They will be called oaks (strength of the tree of life, fastened and still as the winds of the impure souls flow through you) of righteousness (warriors standing firm in law of love), trees planted (rainbow warriors of prophecy) by the Lord to reveal his splendor.

Another often used word, “eschatology” is the study of last things (end of millennium, the second phase of evolution and the beginning of the third rolling hill in time); it is the portion of doctrine that deals with the events yet to come, such as the second coming (crystal people), the judgment (lavender people), the eternal state (law of love). It is primarily concerned with “Messianic” events (Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy), things the Messiah (Yourself, a twin heart) will do to fulfill all things.

The Sovereign Lord of Heaven is Great Spirit Mother.  Great Spirit Father is the Soverign Lord over Earth.  We of earth reach for heaven's embrace and stand firm with the Great Ones at the Eastern Shore, the Soverign Reign of the Lords Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father. Welcome home to the Dawning!

Qualifications for Elders

Titus 1:5-9
This is why I left you in Crete (creation, we the creators), so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you— if anyone is above reproach, the husband of one wife, [1] and his children are believers and not open to the charge of debauchery or insubordination. For an overseer, [2] as God's steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined. He must hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound [3] doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.

Prayer Blessings & Angel Services
email: holinessdavid@ajoylightfromwithin.org
email: twindeermother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org

The sacred snow the sunlight swims, the rainbow shines to greet the wind. 
And we are here to be fulfilled, to bring the heart of love to win!

The sacred snow (crystalline perfection in us all) the sunlight swims (waves of light that travels through time), the rainbow (the rainbow clan, who gains when lights of many colors do reflect) shines to greet the wind (when we are free, we are cleansed by the sunlight and refreshed, like a hanging sheets drying in the sunshine, blowing in the wind). And we are here to be fulfilled, to bring the heart of love to win! (we live for love to share the will of many who come here to fulfill, the dream of living love within, to grow outward like arms and legs, to be the house of God again.)

Walk the way

Seek the Vision Quest

Great Father and Great Mother
Directs all at the Eastern shore

70 the sacred circle

red road
The Red Road is the law of love through light, directed by the physical body and the movement of light, the tree of life, the physical realm, fastened to the earth allowing the wind (from water, soul body) to flow through the physical body (fastened and still). Here we are creating sacred space and sanctuary, through seasonal celebration and daily creations of joy with our flesh.  From the point of view of love, within the heart of God is Oneness (Blue Lake of Earth), let love stream forth into the hearts of men, reflecting inwardly, towards the outer world.

The red road is the light of the physical body, which allows the law of love the sacred embrace to be known. Here we begin the four directions in rainbow colors.  Our flesh and holy temple, called the buffalo home, allows the sound
of wind of the soul body to enter and fly through.  Eldest is the Red Man, the Star Journey Stories, bring forth the Spirit of the Lake on Earth.

The Red Road, is the law of love, the realm of flesh, light and breath (flight), where we walk. I am the embrace.

blue road
 The blue road is the law of motion in sound in the wind, tears, rivers and sky. The eternal circle of life. Like the tides, that ramble to and fro, the spiritual realm of numinosity is fastened to the heaven allowing the darkness to resonate or vibrate within the sanctuary of the flesh body. We are offered a voice and heartbeat, to flow through with soul body (motion and knowing), creating spiritual reverence and blessings, through the vision quest or inward walk, as we express creation through the soul.
The blue road is the soul body, which is housed in our holy temple, buffalo home of the rainbow colors and four directions. Here the wind blows the leaves (relatives of the sacred blue) and the roots which long to feel the waters glory, on the tree of life.

The blue road is the law of sound, the realm of soul, darkness, where we talk and feel our heart.  I am the song.

yellow way
or path

The yellow road or yellow way is the law of love bonded, sound and light united.  This law unites the roots below, to the leaves above, to unite together to be one path.  Here is where the law of the eternal spirit, fountain of life flows freely from the soul, flowing to and fro of the  heavenly realm allowing the heart from the eternal knowing of perfection, to guide the flesh body of light as tools for the sacred journey, the breath of freedom, the wind across my face.  All life is connected by the yellow cord, for it's the middle spectrum of light, where freedom is known in flight,
the dream and the dawning from which
we return. 

Yellow way is bonding to self, to carry a dream to walk and talk this memory and to live it fully as "I am a dream". I am perfect, God has made me in thy image. Here the eternal spirit is released like a fountain of life.  It is the soul realm that gushes forth, our love and inner world of our hearts.  This is the heavenly realm of darkness which allows the heart from the eternal knowing of perfection, the Song of an Angel (that would be you), to guide the physical body or tools of light, for our sacred journey, the breath of flight over rolling hills or light waves.  Together, there is a flowing back and forth between realm of light and darkness, the to and fro from our Power, will of men who choose love as law.  When unification from our flesh red road and our soul blue road collide, light streams forth from the inner reflection into the physical realm of men.  Let Light descend on Earth, rise up, to share the sacred rainbow of many splendid colors.  Let purpose guide the Rainbow Warrior.  Here is known, the quality to serve others before self.  To mend broken hearts, to dance with the sunrise and sunset.  Our Kinsmen begin to serve and know where the will is known. . .Point of light within the mind of God (oneness) to reflect from the center and to extend and radiate out to shed the Golden path.

The yellow way is the united soul and flesh, the united blue road and red road.  Two roads converge to create a sacred flowing of the crystalline stone river, where there is one path, the yellow road.  Here we begin to understand our dreams, to  rise up, to stand our ground, to allow others to roam and to have a home. We become the living dream, the golden radiance from within, to shine forth, into the world.

I am the Sun Dance, the Morning Star returning to Earthly morals.
The yellow way is the united soul and flesh, the united blue road and red road.

whitey, the star
The brilliance of the white star shines when the tree of life, the physical body, can fight for love and allow the true heart  of the eternal fountain to flow, the reflection of the heart, a mirror to your feelings we see in each other through the blue waters and blue sky.  This can only be done, if we care enough to share as contributing relations. We walk the Red Road, the law of love, by doing what we say.  We walk the Blue Road, the true heart, by voicing our feelings.  And when we unite the blue with the red, we follow the yellow way, the seed planted in your dreams!  Four united directions, the dream has risen and a star in heaven shines down from above to the below. 

I am the Evening Star returning to heavenly virtues.  I bow like the rainbow and serve others, with my perfection.  I stand up, like a holy mountain and flow down like a river in green grass valleys.  I dream my dream and I shine. The whitey is the united four directions, "I am Godliness".

Rainbow Relative, Rainbow Warrior
and Elder

The Soul moves in this order, according to the laws of love (sound), in the physical realm of lights (rainbow colors).  First step is joy, you learn to dream, the Vision Quest.  You become a seeker.  Second step is the Warrior, you learn to protect Love (sound of the heart), Third you become the Caretaker, where the laws of sound are applied within the laws of light.  You serve others in their needs.  From the center which we call the race of men, we unite.  This is the sacred journey of heaven's flight that has touched down upon the earth on top of the holy mountain, like an Eagle.  Here unification takes place with heaven and earth, through the holy dance.  This is our sacred deliverance. 

We become the reflection (blue or relative) of the oneness within and without, when we allow the plan of love, our heartbeat and song of the eternal motion stride.  At the fountain within, springs tears of joy or suffering of the deep waters of the ocean blue, the reflection of me and you.  These are our dreams in the darkness of heaven, which takes soul flight.  This constant is known, like water that never stops flowing and finds it's way allowing and receiving all the oneness has to give. Remember how it smelled the cleansing, like after a rain's water that blesses and gifts life again.  Renew within, where joy of dreaming flows with daily blessings and offerings in service to others.  Allow your light shine outwards from within.  And may the crystal door be open to the pure hearts forever and ever to dwell in love and peace to restore the power on Earth, the law of heaven, LOVE.  We invite all homeward with a blessing and purification, according to the laws of heaven and earth. 

Power comes when we know how to use love, to be righteous, standing our ground and trusting our souls.  We begin to work together as the tree of life, perfect radiance that catches the wind that blows.  We dance and sing, the sun dance.  We become the fountain of youth, that equals happiness, by doing and saying what is right, the moral Godly ways in virtues written upon our hearts.  WE know love.  We fight for love.  We stand our ground.  We show compassion and understanding, but we also shine, like a Warrior who brings true justice, where all brothers and sisters belong together as Oneness of God. 

We are all Spiritual beings, belonging to the tree of life, where we hold a physical body, which can fight for love uniting broken hearts and allow the true heart  of the eternal fountain of youth to flow, the song of our souls.  The reflection of the heart, the soul body, offers a mirror for you to feel.  We see (vision with our eyes) and sea (vision with the heart) , to sense the spirit that flows and knows, eternal life.  Here we view into each other through the blue waters and blue sky, where the wind blows.  This can only be done, if we care enough to share as contributing relations in a clan or tribe. We walk the Red Road, the law of love, giving, by doing what we say with the embrace.  We walk the Blue Road, the law of song, receiving, by listening with our hearts.  We walk the yellow (golden) way, when we voice our dreams and share our lives with relatives. And we become the whitey when we shine like a star, humble and meek, to allow all to keep, the dreams alive.

Welcome home Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy...

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Recent Articles to December 2009

Recent Articles to December 2009
Elder Blogs


Sacred Songs of the Heart

Rainbow Colors We View

1. First Nations "Ojibwa and Related right down between the chest of the world" (western shore) are like the Saudia Arabians (eastern shore).  These are considered the One before the Two, the fiercest warriors with Law. They are the ones who know how to walk through fire.

2. Hopi (western shore) are like Levites (eastern shore), ordained to keep stories inside the house of God.

3. Christians are the army of God.  What could be done in the world, without an army, who is led by Great Spirit Father in Heaven.

Ordained above all people who have suffered for Oneness

Native Americans ordained in the Western shore.

Spirit of the Lake People (Lakota, Dakota and Nakota) ordained in the Western shore (female, numinosity, heaven) who shall fly with spirit with the heart of the world, the rising sun.

2. Blue Lake People (Taos New Mexico) ordained on the Western shore (male, luminosity, earth) who shall walk with flesh as the rising sun, who begins the march.

  Suns of Israels ordained in the Eastern shore.

1. House of David (messianic lineage)
ordained on the Eastern shore (male, luminosity, earth) who shall walk the way as leaders of the world, the setting sun, heavenly walk of angels do bring.

2. House of Dan
ordained in the Western shore (female, numinosity, heaven) who shall talk (song) the way teaching the mathematical perfection to the world, the setting sun, heavenly song of angels do sing.

Torah comes from the word horo'ah which means guidance for life. Sing Glory to the House of Winds! We are going Home! Shiloh we are on our way!
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