~ Targeted

Dear Twin Deer Mother,
My name is Patrick B. I'm writing you today because I'm being targeted and I should say I'm an honest and law abiding person.

This has been my experience for 5 months 24/7. People talking in my head 24/7 constantly, calling me a nigger, saying things like die nigger die, calling me a failure, saying things of homosexual themes, threatening to kill me, that they would make my heart explode, and that I wasn't allowed to tell any of this to anyone or else. This has gone on through the night most nights making it impossible to sleep any healthy amount if at all. What feels like or was fast bursts of electrical jolts directed at my head. If i was not being psychologically tortured, and it was so painful to be called a nigger that often, or threatened with death that i became numb or i have broken down into tears because i could do nothing to escape the pain, or they would take me on psychological fantasies where they said they were God, or Jesus, angels, or fairies. And I so wanted to believe someone was coming to save me from this torture. But no one ever did. Sometimes they would convince me I was some kind of Jesus figure meant to sacrifice myself on a mission. 

I do not consider myself particularly gullible or naive and I do not normally believe in fantasies but these episodes which have lasted four years in all have been difficult until recently to explain or articulate how someone else can be talking in your mind, saying psychologically manipulative, or hypnotizing suggestions and prompts, changing the way you feel, it has been difficult for me to understand. At times I even thought maybe I was special but overall, far from special, it has been like being captured by soldiers and tortured in strange cruel and unusual ways.

I had no idea what bioelectromagnetic weapons were or that they could steal a persons identity, drive them crazy, or to suicide or that i was vulnerable. I still don't know why I'm being targeted because I am an honest and law abiding citizen. I am also basically driven by love and compassion.

My family is mostly not educated enough on this issue to be of much help. Legislators are not responding to me. Researchers Ive talked to do not seem to take this issue seriously. Doctors, and police have forced me to mental hospitals.

Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx because I need your help and guidance. because I often wonder how I will survive this.
Do you know of a safe shelter where I can go where the building materials will absorb the dews?
Sincerely Patrick B.

We need your help, financially, ethically, morally, spiritually with any skill you have. This is World War Three, a silent electronic torturing war. This has continued from ww2 and these continue today. Help us rid immorality and pedophilia. We need your help NOW. Please donate http://www.alightfromwithin.org/donation, because each day, perpetrators try to kill us as well, because we are helping people. Donate your time and efforts for this cause, WW3. Show up to teach others, including the police and other first responders how to help people in crisis and terrorism. They too are being mass controlled and need all the help they can get. Our veterans need help. WE want to create a Task Force along with Mobile Hospitals. This cost (funding) and effort from YOU. Contact the company you work for and ask them for a donation as well. We protect those who help us. Please help. It's a difficult time in history and we need you. I know there is some way you can participate because if you do not, it will be you next. Here is a typical letter I get from people who are being terrorized right here in California, USA. 
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder

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