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Services in your area-this page is in construction.  (updated continually)

Many services do not give long term assistance.  It's better to find local venues that will assist you. Churches today do not play this role any more as they deal them out to non-profit groups.  And non-profit groups provide temporary solutions at best.  One other avenue for assistance is to go to your local religious service and ask to speak to the congregation. Here ask for assistance from the whole congregation, however you probably do not have access to the Clergy at any other time.  Try to set a time up with that person, right then and there, otherwise, you may not get in at all.

Unfortunate in this world, but most will send you somewhere else rather than provide assistance to you. I even see signs at the administration desks of Churches, "we do not assist homeless".  And if you are pure hearted, and your spirit shines, then many organizations will flat out refuge you assistance. There is a hierarchy effect in business and community structure, always hire someone inferior to yourself, instead of hiring someone better than yourself. We all have our roles. And we want the best person for the job. However if they feel fearful or threatened by your clean heart (regular blessing with fire and water), then they will refuge assistance for you.  Like mind run in packs. And if they are using the system, they will assist others who abuse the system.  I am sorry, but we will list services that will only temporary or at best offer you a hand out, not a hand up.

Usually you will find a hand up by individuals who are willing to know you, walk with you, even if temporarily and assist you to get to your goals.  But one must be willing to achieve goals of moving up towards the light of man or community participation by receiving what others have to offer.

Giving and taking is what the world understands.  But true love, gifts and receives. This is difficult to understand, especially for those who need to forgive. Forgive the world for they know not what they do, but demand the world around you become sanctuary with the fire and water blessing that will save your life.  For without water we feel badly and when we cleanse with water, we are renewed. So too, is the fire blessing. When we feel badly, we cleanse with the fire (blessing), we are renewed in spiritual sustenance.  We remember who we are, in a world, who do not know of true love yet. But are learning to awaken to this prophecy, of heaven and earth, the fable that is finally coming into fruition, the dawning of mankind, where our souls will yearn to know it's greatness.

Listed below are community portals from your local area. Listing are added when services are requested in your area.  In other words, if you ask for assistance from Alightfromwithin.org Elders we will seek on your behave and assist your path for a place of permanent or even temporary housing for those who are travelers.

email HolinessDavid@alightfromwithin.org or TwinDeerMother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org

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Services in your area-this page is in construction. 
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