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Mountain View/Palo Alto, California, San Francisco Bay Area, United States of America
Homeless Services and Sanctuary Housing (2004 to present). World Wide Spiritual Services - Evolution's Awakening, training Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy with the heavenly laws of love, upon the Red Road, the world we envision. 

Beloved Relatives,

We are here helping all those we do keep, a heart warm for travelers, and to receive the gifts in which we can conceive. Each day we offer shelter, food and a place to greet. We share everything.  And so should you, if you want to know true brotherhood.  It's a shift, many are learning to become.  But in the meantime, help us to help others. To make this change within you, just offer your love, commodity, services and/or open your pocket book/your riches. All Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy take no salaries, but receive abundance just like everyone else.  When in need, that's when you receive.  Ask what can you do to help us, missionaries on the streets.  We always need people to assist in all ways, especially healers and helpers.  

Dentists, Doctors, Nurses and Healthcareworkers are needed desparately at the reservations, please email directly to alightfromwithin@gmail.com. 

Those who walk and talk with us receive the holy breeze, the song of heaven (Sacred Song Blessings), that White Buffalo Calf Woman sings and Holiness David Running Eagle (Father Red Hand) drums do bring you earthly blessings too, his drum unites our hearts, to offer us more clues.  Your soul already knows what to do.  We only validate the perfection in you with your song from your heart.  Trust you are perfect, loving being, in the image of God.  We do and sing this wondrous part of you, the soul, that longs for a view.

Not many are able to walk with us each day, because we are fables (House of David), and prophecy as we speak (White Buffalo Calf Woman). We bring the Rainbow Warriors, upon their loving feet.  To begin the great migration, evolution's breeze.

We act like relatives, true in the heart. No money will shake us, from knowing this part (we give it all away).  And we are not motivated, by what papers we can fill (even though we are a
501C religious), but instead, offer you towards the Great Give-A-Way, that's near (brotherhood, returning to the soul).  Someday, you may be willing to receive (sisterhood bringing law of love) till your fill.

Last week, we did offer many meals to everyone, even when we don't have enough for ourselves.  But we trust God will gift us, what we need everyday.  As long as we walk the beloved righteous wave (red wavelength, the law of love, often referred to the Red Road).  And you too could join us, by bringing  food to us. While you are here, then why don't you then talk to those, who need a heart. Bringing comfort and love to each who have been lost, this is our challenge, the mission Yellow Chief speaks about.  He tells us, "I accept this challenge" and we do fulfill this stand.  The Godly within us, is beginning to shout.

My Brothers, My Sisters, gift what  you have. Whatever you offer, does go to those without. Tomorrow, we will fight for travelers everywhere.  To compete for, with the Great Give-A-Way.  WE will have abundance, and learning to give a way, will help all people to receive love in our days. Soon evolution, will make us realize, that heaven is upon us, the law of God, will make a stand.

Let us fight to give to others. Let us fight, to unite broken hearts. Let us fight to receive, the soul and our hearts.  It's time for us to awaken.  It's time for us to give.  This day, we offer plenty, a bed, food and sustenance, but only if we follow the law, the law of love every time. It's time to speak our minds and share all we hide. Because heaven is coming, where we will all shine.  A Light From Within, will open up again.  Our souls, will glide out towards rolling waves of light.  We are Rainbow Warriors, those who make a stand, fighting to unite hearts, not fighting to make them right. Because right is the place, where the heart does forgive. And forgiveness comes with ceremony, the fire's light that sets us free.

Come let's bless the heaven's darkness. Come let's bless the earth's lightness.  Come let's bless the collision that we are headed for. Light and Darkness, we shall purify. We bless the united, soul and flesh, the roads of blue and red. Here is united, like the rising of the sun. We shine like real stars, the morning stars do shine.  And as we do rise up, we shine brightly each day. WE help all our relatives. we help them to pray. We direct them towards the soul inside, that knows of the living seas, the hearts between you and me.

We have become Stars from heaven, like Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, who helps everybody, with automobile repairing. Motor homes with electrical systems need thee (may families live in motor-homes, and it's a growing community with no resources). And computers gifting, after wiping everything clean. And when others need emergency services, we offer what we have, a car, battery. We offer our hearts, our hands, our leaves (relatives).  We send out blessings each day, with love from his heart. Holiness David is always impart, the need for religion, as a form, as an art.  Just follow the laws, that keep us a part (parts equal a whole, like we of the rainbow clan). And work together, to make us ONE united heart, God within us, God without us.  God is living with us.  Gift your heart. Gift your mind.  Gift all that  you have.  For we belong to each other.  We need each other's love. We thank God for relatives, who work to keep us a part (including us).  We are the love of Greatness.

Missionaries who need you, religion (spirituality) of all the world (we support everyone), oneness heart, one law, one loving fill (law of love).  There are many relatives, who need us each day.  Gift the law of spirit and wipe differences away.  Help with what you have, to give a way. Then you will be able to receive, the greatest lesson in the breeze, that love binds us all, forgiveness makes us fall, tears in time, which make us blind, but light our way, towards evolution. It's time for the dawning, the rising sun.  Dreams come true, when relatives walk too.  Come join us and help our relatives in the street. Come and share you fortune.  Come and share your fame. Come and share your heart and learn how to gain.  Heaven is upon us, bringing Earth a paradise.  But we must start the great migration.  Will you offer your heart?

A light from within does pray for you heart, the soul that imparts wisdom from the whole (Rainbow Clan).  You are of God, my relative in the wind.  We bless you and keep you safe in our arms, when you are near us, even in the wind.

Thank you!  Elders of A Light From Within .Org

If you have something, product, services or time to donate, please contact Holiness David. Please write to HolinessDavid@alightfromwithin.org for assistance on how you can help or email alightfromwithin@gmail.com to get information, spiritual guidance to your questions, or if you request a blessing.

Those who can visit us in Mountain View, please bring:

We surely always need Crystal Geyser Water
, by the Gallons ($1 each) and Gasoline to run the generator.  We use five gallons of gas a day ($15.00), to operate the generator for daily usage for helping local assistance to the community who we serve.  And we are always in need of fresh vegetables and fruit and organic milk daily.

On very hot days, we offer refuge to those in need as well as ice. But this year 2010, we too are in need of a new refrigerator.  If you can help with this expense ($500-750 for part needed), please contact Holiness David.

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