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We are part of the Great Give-A-Way, where all is free to you and me, like the sky and air we breathe, the heart that blows in the breeze.  Angel Services around the World.  We are a religious non-profit pure heart network, who teach about evolution and the path of love, on the Red Road (law of love). We fight to unite broken hearts.  Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, we arise to bee the Rising Sun in thee!

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A Joy Light From Within.Org - Angel Services
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We get lots of spam on our telephone too. We are always happy to return your telephone calls around the world.  Unfortunately we cannot call cell phones abroad, only land lines.  But in the USA, we can call both land and mobile lines without any extra cost to us. 

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Also, if you want to schedule spirit flight or receive your heavenly treasures, or any other purpose and complaints, then you will need to email White Buffalo Calf Woman at or, google chat: whitebuffalocalfwoman
Elder Crystal Person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter.

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Your Conference Access Number:    1-218-895-3911
Your Conference Passcode:     62013#

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visit to get five free programs that will get you up and running (when in duress), without issues during normal operations and other postings to assist your computer in need.  And engineers, Holiness David trained many of the silicon valley engineers including IBM and Intel staff engineers, out there, so he surely can answer your questions or he can find the answer for you. Email him directly too for any questions, you may have in mind, or to volunteer, as we assembly for others in need.
The Administration is from the highest realms.  Our Great Spirit Father and Great Spirit Mother offer us guidance, but mostly our Team of Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are dedicated and serve the Oneness!  The name used here is the Request of the Oneness, Light From Within.  As the vehicle to this light is Joy, and since the word a, represents One, this seemed apt to offer these additions, AJoyLightFromWithin.Org 

Joy is the yellow of a bright light which is born within when we follow our dreams and don't let anyone get in the way of accomplishing this dream.  This is what we are entering, the third yellow rolling hill in time, in the year 2013. This represents the Heaven and Earth we are entering.  We now are reclaiming our Heaven within, our Souls.  We need bless the numinous (darkness) to welcome them home. Forgiveness, compassion and law of love, will offer our family hope.

Oneness is the whole of four hoops, and it's combination to represent the fifth hoop, which is really the four as one, our reflection of the whole of Heaven, Heaven, Heaven and Earth, the four sacred directions. 

Each Week Elders from each of these realms attend the Elders Agenda Meetings.  Here we plan and organize the migration into the next phase of evolution.  All life has four directions that radiate light, as a garment.  And each color is a vibration and our perspective of who we are.  When knowing these treasures you are able to understand your life fully and how you are perfect among the whole of the universe.

What makes us feel secure is about speaking truth is the fact that God, the Oneness gifted and know that we, the devoted servants will put these mathematical perfection of the Rainbow Clan, into the record keepers hands, who are the pure hearts of the Sons of Israel, 12 tribes. And while we journey towards their hearts, we shall walk and talk the story tellers language, interpreting and teaching them again, what they know inside their hearts, to be "keepers" of the land and all their relatives, the Great Story of the Rolling Hills in Time, Evolution.

Elders are available easily, please click on Access in the left column and you will be able to find any of us who walk with TRUTH.  Nothing is bought or sold.  We accept gifts of any kind and distribute them to any and all who seek the Great Give-A-Way.

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Welcome Home to the Dawning!
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We await your returning, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Arise!