Hoops Explanation

On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 2:21 PM, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother <whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com> wrote:
Relatives of the Rainbow,
Below is a sharing for all to understand the hoops, new and older members to refresh the Hoops function.
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child
rainbow warriors of prophecy

Hoop 6 Stepping Stone Group  is an outside the hoops group, who are learning to share prayers. Open to all, learning to become part of the HOOPs. Public access and viability for ALL, the Rainbow Clan.  Stepping Stone means the lesson, the crystalline stone, in which we step towards to overcome lessons, into great treasures.  Rainbow colors and some songs are shared. 
Hoop 4, blue/black road. 
Heavenly road we share our hearts, visions and stories to each other. Talking for the whole of Oneness, from our point of view. Public access to view only, not contribute. Emails addresses are shown, Public like most social network groups on the internet, teaching others to learn in sharing and the great bowing of love, which prayers gift to the world. First step is to learn to validate, to ensure peace and abundance for all. This ring is sound (sonic rings, like a whale that communicates), where prayer rings out in the world, out hearts full of wisdom. Unseen, yet viable dark space, dreaming/visioning. Rainbow colors and Prayers are shared.
Hoop 3, red road. Earthly road we share our lessons, conflicts and start to walk (wakan or holy walking). We aim for conflict resolution and bring in outside social networking integration. Public access to view only, not contribute. Emails addresses are shown, Public like most social network groups on the internet, teaching others how to have conflict, resolve conflict and validate. This ring is about, our minds, intelligence that moves us towards each other, when lessons arise. Seen, yet viable light space, rainbow colors. Work on videos and other projects.
Hoop 2, yellow road. Warrior training (wakan tanka or walking talking). Integration of skills, personal issues shared to resolve, as well as learning to stand up. Private offline hoop 

  • group home: groups.google.com/group/crystal_indigo_children (warriors in training only)
  • email: "Hoop 2" <crystal_indigo_children@googlegroups.com>. 
  • domain: alightfromwithin.org, music: iamasundance.org
  • blog: each warrior has their own blogs, in which they have received their GREAT NAME
  • blog: crystal-indigo-children.blogspot.com

  • Hoop 1, white road.  These are elders, we call whiteys or Stars of Heaven, those who bow and lean down with the community to serve the young. 

  • group home:  http://groups.google.com/group/active-indigos  (elders only, private)
  • email: "Hoop 1" <active-indigos@googlegroups.com>. 
  • domain: www.alightfromwithin.orgajoylightfromwithin.orglightfromwithin.org/ (same pages)
  • blog: active-indigos.blogspot.com,  http://eldersmigrationvoice.blogspot.com/

  • ELDERS of the HOOPS
    • rainbow colors white/star, yellow, magenta, gray
    • rainbow colors lavender, yellow, aqua, gray
    • rainbow colors crystal, yellow, green, gray
    Hoop 5, rainbow clan, grandmothers of the green grass, sanctuary space for all. Children of hoop 2 and spouses are part of this group. Public access to view only, not contribute. All email addresses are hidden from view for the children for protection. 

  • group home:   http://groups.google.com/group/RainbowClan  (sanctuary, private, public viewing)
  • email: "Hoop 5" <RainbowClan@googlegroups.com>. 
  • domain: www.iamasundance.com
  • blog: grandmothersofthegreengrass.blogspot.com
  • Rainbow colors and some songs are shared. 

  • You can view more about the four roads and their functions in the universe on this page www.whitebuffalocalfwoman.net

    There are twenty-eight groups or more we broadcast to, when I can find the time to do sow. It's pretty quiet this year, from many online groups as most people are moving inwards, crashing upon their emotions. You can let me, whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com or on the hoops, to let me know if you would like to invited a group, to broadcast our posts to. Hoop 4, receive all posts. Heaven and Earth are merging together, and this is crashing into each other. We feel it in our dreams, our behaviors and thoughts.

    Aho and over the rainbow, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are here to stand, over the rolling hills and into the sun!