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A "Joy" Light From Within - Angel Services Around the World

Welcome Home 
Where your answers begin, when you listen to the wind.  Be sure to ask questions, then you will have much to add to your lessons, the treasures God gives us each and every day!

The only protection we need is sacred blessings, that does cleansing!  Bless the dust right off our feet, and know the star is born. A light from within, sheds our sins, and lights our way home!  "the holy week day"

I bless you when you go.  I bless you when you arrive. 
I bless your sacred feet. 
I bless the sacred  sky. 
I bless the day of dawn.  I bless the sacred night. 
I bless the way you walk, in skips of love  you bind. 
I bless the way you move, in time to heal the wounds. 
I bless the will of God, that you  have been sent home this time!
             White Willow Inspired Blessings Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

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Bridging a Soul Back Home to the Rainbow Clan 

  This video was created by Roar of the Buffalo Horn, a golden child.


      Joining the HOOPS

For those who can offer the sacred bow and enter with a prayer, please join us on the HOOPS!

Share Visions, Stories, Prayers
and Receive Sacred Song Blessings from many of the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy as you start on the Blue Hoop, the road of heavenly virtues, kindness in the bow of wisdom and humility.

As you start to share and learn more about the four roads, we move you into the red hoop, then warrior of prophecy enters the yellow hoop.  Till finally receiving the circle as elders in the white hoop, stars who bow down and return home to all the children of the rainbow! 
We are devoted to you, the Oneness of all, the Great Spiritual River we greet, Heaven upon Earth.

We are all colors of the sacred rainbow and relatives in all the shores, 
we belong together, we bless you!

Grandfather Holy Spirit inspired prayer, "Believing is a dream, never asleep, we are alive, always in twilight. Enjoy the snow* the rainbow along the glow and find treasures lie within, when we stop and listen to the wind."  

*Blessings purify and perfect the crystalline stone river, 
the atomic structure of all life.

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Whitebuffalocalfwoman Twindeermother

Blessings to the winds, my heart sings for you. Light your fire, say "the flight, of nine streams, I bless you".  Now we're done, it's been a day, getting done all we need do, but now that the blessings are in the wind, my dreams can all come true! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings 

Ask and Receive your Sacred Song Blessings,

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Holiness David
sending love to you!

Shines like a bell that rings us free. There is a place in the galaxy, where stars are born to illuminate and lead. Let us go to heaven where all does bleed (the Red Road), for law of love, comes once in our hearts, now is the time, to live and start. Give all you have to wisdom's call. Wake up to the Song, before you fall. And we will be waiting, for you this day, when you cross over, to play. I am your Father, Red Hand knows (Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star) the way, that love springs eternal and always grows. Just watch out for others along the way, and you will be gifted the highest praise! Sung for Holiness David  Running Eagle Shooting Star your Father Red Hand by his wife, White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother.

Tree of life, let me dance freely. 
Let me shine in the breeze. 
Let me walk towards you again. 
Then my Brothers, my Sisters, 
let us shake the Winds!

Brotherhood is HEAR!
Love means 
Coming Together 
Walking Towards 
(NOT Separation)

If we are not fighting for LOVE, there is no other reason to fight!

We fight for the law of love upon the Red Road!  Unite broken hearts, validate and demand the sacred blessings to purify the impure winds. Warriors begin, stand your ground again. 
WALK TOWARDS "Wakan" or "Holy ". 
Blue Road gift me your wind!

Unification of the Light and Dark, the Rainbow! 

Earth our flesh of rainbow colors 
and Heaven our soul's song
"blue and red turn to gold".

The Song of the Heart of
Holiness Rahhiib Down Below
"Tell Me What You Want",

 the House of Dan/iel/

G_ah_d is my Judge

In that heart inside of you is the living breeze of love. The truth that sets you free, the heart of you and me.  The drum (master drummer of the heart beat is Holiness and Sacredness) will be the true love that keeps the truth.  We are not free until, the day of pure come home.  I wait for Her (souls realm of heaven) to come and breath upon the Sun (physical realm of earth). I take the Blind (unable to see own perfection) with me and know the coming Breeze (wind from the waters of reflection of the living heart of Oneness) will set my Mother free to know the love of thee
( Lights of the beloved children).

Time has begun, until the Spring of sun, the notion of undone, is only the beginning run, so let me go be free and know the blooming breeze, the place i run home free, the place i know of thee, down below "
(The place where the heart's path walks the sacred gardens, when the feet touch the body of Mothers Earth, the place light and darkness join and begin the journey.)

 Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy   
Pray With Elders around the World
Heartbeat does dance to know the wind, to feel the hope of God in STEAD*.
We are protected in the wind, when we choose to let a light from within,
shine to the above to down below and over the perfect rolling hills.
*Stand your ground inside the house of God, of   the beloved children who are lambs. 
Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman,  your Twin Deer Mother

Relatives of the Rainbow, We  have many rivers flowing in hoops on the internet.  This is a home page and many often find us on our tributary outlets. These are only guides to help recognize who travels where! We have many domains, hundreds of blogs linked and 6 groups we share (Stepping Stone and Five Hoops).  Search our thousands of blog postings and public access groups/hoops, to help answer your questions.  Or just email us