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We need your help (give what you have) today, financially, ethically, morally, spiritually with any skill you possess. This is World War Three (ww3), a silent electronic torturing war.  The local Police and Veterans need help with these city wide electronic terrorism.
This has continued from ww2 and even continues today with ever more nano-sophistication. Help us rid immorality and pedophilia  These perpetrators use gang stalking technologies, most people cannot even fathom. This is a link 
to a good article regarding the mind control technologies. 



Lists all the methodology used with mechanism uses. Extremely informative. 

Again, these methodologies are being used by the Criminally Insane (users of v2k and pedophiles). I see more and more weapons usage, the more and more self mutilation and death which runs rampant among the perpetrators (they get addicted and depletes themselves, from the criminals and the military as well). We need your help NOW. We are VETERANS and need other VETERANS and HOMELAND SECURITY involved in HEALING and saving our USA. However mostly, WE NEED YOU TO HELP WITH THIS FIGHT FOR OUR VERY LIVES. SHOW UP if you can. Bring your motorhome, car. Remember we are a street ministry, healing and helping everyone, all inclusive. Prepare to assist in any way including from your home base. Prayers are needed paramount to heal frequencies in the air waves. Just help anyway you can NOW. If you cannot show up, then please donate http://www.alightfromwithin.org/donation, because each day, perpetrators try to kill us as well, because we are helping people and want us out of their area to continue mass murder and pedophilia. HELP anyway you can, because we have lots of people around the world who need us. We have cures as well, perpetrators do not want shared, but we will to save USA and others in the WW3 events going on around the world. Link to follow along with our own daily electronic attacks 

Donate your time and efforts for this cause, WW3, a silent electronic mind controlling war, where most people are unaware. You are the most important factor, the PEOPLE.Help anyway you can. If you can show up to teach others, including the police and other first responders how to help people in crisis and terrorism. They (first responders, police, fire, military, etc.) too are being mass controlled and need all the help they can get. Our veterans need help. WE want to create a Task Force along with Mobile Hospitals. This cost (funding) and effort from YOU. Contact the company you work for and ask them for a donation as well. We protect those who help us. Please help. It's a difficult time in history and we need you. I know there is some way you can participate because if you do not, it will be you next. Here is a typical letter I get from people who are being terrorized right here in California, USA. 
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder

ps. Relatives be aware, the mind controllers will start to shift your mind in not helping. you must stand firm in spiritual strength. As you read the letters below from an electronic terrorist victims Matthew BrowningMikyoung Chung and Anonymous. They are first attacked by evil thoughts, to eliminate your spiritual prowess. All who bow to the greatness within, learns to cleanse the inner sins. We do not want to become "Knight's mare" becoming "Nightmare", a story about how good men turn evil (stalking pedophile predators). We want to ensure continually cleansing our spiritual darkness, in order to help others. We cleanse and purify the wind, the frequencies, sines (reflective properties) and all sorts of magnetic and light wave forms. Our spiritual strength will WIN this World War 3 . Thank you for your assistance. A-men (all of us together, a cosmic oneness consciousness necessary to pass through our solar system moving closer together with the twin sun and planetary alignment process in our time and space, what we at alightfromwithin.org call, the third phase of evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time. Twin Deer Mother notes.

Matthew Browning says, "I went to the United States doctors. they told me to see a psychiatrist. I knew there was something physically the matter with me. I went to a foreign country, and the worst of my fears was revealed to me. Someone surreptitiously put an implant in my heart. they've been using it to try and give me a heart attack I'm a Jewish man they're trying to repeat what they did in Germany. These Nazis are killing Jewish people.. Israel had better wake up."

Mikyoung Chung Since I put the rape protection on us , they have been knocking me out 4,5 times while I stay awake to protect the children , when everyone is sleeping . Since approximately 4 weeks ago , they poisoned me with the food really bad where I had so much pain every inch of my body for an hour I was literally out of consciousness. My whole back and upper body including both arms and legs were was aching . I was shivering , shaking ,my feet were icy cold and I was turning purple and numb .Since this big poison attack they have been coming in at night to put toxin substance to pain my body all over 4 , 5 times in the while every ones asleep to pain me . Every time they put this chemical poison substance to pain me my left face get chill and my heart rate goes up with the body heat . I don’t know exactly what poison it is but this makes my stomach growl and sharp pain to the kidney and left breast area and the pain in the head. They made a carotid blockage up to 70 % last year I have a report from the corona regional hospital. I don’t know if this is what they are doing to me right now but I feel like they are attacking my blood circulation . They have been torturing me this way . They even make the black metal splinter to come out of the faucet where these metal toxin goes in to our skin. To make their covert weapon to give me more pain.,they are using deadly weapon on me . I think they are making my oxygen to not flow to give me a extremely pain. I am in pain in and out of the house. They attack me when I go out and when I am home . I want my freedom back I don’t deserve this , no one does. 

With these attack , I have been getting huge eye bag . I never got this type of eye bag . These big puffy eye bags that look a like you got punch in your eye type. I wish I could use my phone camera to upload pictures to show now but the are not letting me take pictures even though there is a planty of storage space on memory card and they turn off the internet whenever they feel like . I uploaded so much of my story and evidence of abuse on YouTube , but they terminated my YouTube. 

Anyways I never had all this crazy things happening before my Targeting.And I have been raped countless times. My private part has been surgically circumcised like Muslim women and I am living in nightmare every night. Because since big poison attack they are everyday knocking me out to put a chemical toxin poison substance to give me a pain all over my body.everynight..

Dear Twin Deer Mother,
My name is Anonymous. I'm writing you today because I'm being targeted and I should say Im an honest and law abiding person.

This has been my experience for 5 months 24/7. People talking in my head 24/7 constantly, calling me a nigger, saying things like die nigger die, calling me a failure, saying things of homosexual themes, threatening to kill me, that they would make my heart explode, and that I wasn't allowed to tell any of this to anyone or else. This has gone on through the night most nights making it impossible to sleep any healthy amount if at all. What feels like or was fast bursts of electrical jolts directed at my head. If i was not being psychologically tortured, and it was so painful to be called a nigger that often, or threatened with death that i became numb or i have broken down into tears because i could do nothing to escape the pain, or they would take me on psychological fantasies where they said they were God, or Jesus, angels, or fairies. And I so wanted to believe someone was coming to save me from this torture. But no one ever did. Sometimes they would convince me I was some kind of Jesus figure meant to sacrifice myself on a mission. 

I do not consider myself particularly gullible or naive and I do not normally believe in fantasies but these episodes which have lasted four years in all have been difficult until recently to explain or articulate how someone else can be talking in your mind, saying psychologically manipulative, or hypnotizing suggestions and prompts, changing the way you feel, it has been difficult for me to understand. At times I even thought maybe I was special but overall, far from special, it has been like being captured by soldiers and tortured in strange cruel and unusual ways.

I had no idea what bioelectromagnetic weapons were or that they could steal a persons identity, drive them crazy, or to suicide or that i was vulnerable. I still don't know why I'm being targeted because I am an honest and law abiding citizen. I am also basically driven by love and compassion.

My family is mostly not educated enough on this issue to be of much help. Legislators are not responding to me. Researchers Ive talked to do not seem to take this issue seriously. Doctors, and police have forced me to mental hospitals.

Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx because I need your help and guidance. because I often wonder how I will survive this.
Do you know of a safe shelter where I can go where the building materials will absorb the dews?
Sincerely Anonymous


United States of Paranoia: Surveillance of Suspects or Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals By William Edstrom Global Research, July 26, 2018

If more than 90% of suspects are innocent of any crimes and large numbers of people have been labeled suspects and put under surveillance for decades, then discussion in the press, County Legislatures, City Councils, State Assemblies, Congress and the media-at-large needs to also turn to how these “suspects” can be apologized to and how can they be compensated for what was done to them.

Targeted individuals who are suspects under surveillance will gain more credibility when they acknowledge the fact they are suspects under surveillance and move forward to discussions and actions (e.g. lobbying for reforms, lawsuits, etc.) to ameliorate the status quo of how suspects are picked, how surveillance is done, and how long does surveillance linger on for. There is another group of targeted individuals who report they have been experimented on without their consent – this is a closely related topic for another article.

It’s a truism that everyone is a potential criminal just as everyone is a potential terrorist. Yourself included. You are no longer innocent until proven guilty in the USA. You are guilty until proven innocent (and that could take decades, or a lifetime, or longer). If you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and do nothing while the number of “suspects” rises from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to millions, then who is going to speak up or do anything for you when you become a “suspect” and get put under 24/7 “surveillance” for years? Or decades. Or the rest of your life. https://www.globalresearch.ca/united-states-of-paranoia-surveillance-of-suspects-or-gang-stalking-targeted-individuals/5648596

Image to the Left Grandmother Sowing the Pillows rainbow hoop motion of particle waves.jpg

Image to right created by Grandmother Sows the Pillows

All of the stories will be true, my heart is part of the view. I send my colors in the wind. All of my stories shine through you. Woman of the Buffalo and Men of the Clan, we are part of this world to understand, the sacred plan. Great Spirits you hold our hands. Great Spirits you will demand. Great Spirits shine it true blue. Great Spirits it's because of you. We gift all we have to join with you, because it is a blessed view. And when we are lost and need a way, Great Spirit Mother will save the day. And when we need to be praised, a light within will shine again, Great Spirit Father puts on a grin.

"Hard to "be love" and receive wisdom and guidance when surrounded by souls so lost they seek to destroy. But I am here and in almost constant prayer that my life be peace filled enough to be of service. Thank you".  Aunt Elizabeth, silver child of the cosmic universe. 

RELATIVES, all domains linked to this home page for Alightfromwithin.Org and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy is being updated and are in CONSTRUCTION for the Sioux Task Force, Little Sister (military might of the soul), a spiritual military force that demands the LAW, LOVE to Big Brother (military might of the sole), police, sheriff, governmental armies and agencies that demand the rules and regulations that drive a people as a Nation. We are in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  

Entire Cities and Communities will be embraced, including churches and law enforcement agencies. We will be depending on them for cooperation. A plan will be presented to them. We will help local Churches do the walk, the beat, walk the streets. We will cooperate  with community law enforcement and alerted them our movements, so they can talk the heartbeat. We will be in action the go-between. Electrifying. All I can think of are those INDIGOS. They are the Great Teachers of the Perfect Soul Warrior. We must fight for our families to bind together and learn to cooperate with each other, to bring in true brotherhood for the view. The world is awakening. We are getting prepared for this great changing.

We, alightfromwithin.org, with the Sioux Task Force will act as a go between with Churches and Governments or Counsels. We will patrol as a secondary, "Little Sister" (indigo, perfect soul warrior) and bring in the law enforcement of "LOVE" (talking circles, walking circles, equal exchanging).

link to image "Ghost Dance Powerful Prayers"  to the right https://www.pinterest.com/pin/551550285611439174/
  • We will negotiate and help solve problems between combatants, whether it be business or personal matters. 
  • We will be creating an Elders Circle for five cities locally.  
  • All will consist of volunteers, with no salaries just like us. 
  • All will be a great give-a-way.  
  • Everything will ultimately belong to the Elders of the City (from your city, people will recommend elders by their works for the community) and the Sioux Task force left behind (gifted by Alightfromwithin.org). We will work for the Circle of Elders of that City. 
  • We are ultimately trying to return all the land back to the people, where everything is FREE. 
  • We are working on these properties (vibrations, wave information, magnetic attractions). 
  • Free energy will be part of our plan for all land tracks, motorized generators and more to be returned to the people. 
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy's basic tasks will be to bless the city (churches help), defend our spacial fields (elders and warriors) and return all the knowledge to our children. We will leave the rest up to our Law enforcement agencies, Big Brother. We are here to help alleviate pressures from both sides of the track, to make an impact.

Why call it the Sioux Task force?  Well the SIOUX (Spirit of the Lake people) are eldest souls (on their feet, wakan or holy walking) and their duties lie in being HOLY PEOPLE and taking care of you, the rest of the sacred clan. We Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, have been listening to children and adults from around the world, to confirm this returning of the sacred tears, our beloved sun stones (you). We call it the Rainbow Clan.  Most understand this term to meaning the ONENESS. And the Sioux say, "all my Relatives". We are related to each other, merely by the fact we are in the same spacial fields. This is called "Relativity". We live together on this world we call EARTH. 

There are many stories out there of my returning for the Children of Light (twin, soul to sole) around the world.  Many are dreaming of the ulitmate behaviour of mankind, BROTHERHOOD. And they want to come home, but where are these k/new kids going? There seems to be more separation than ever. And peace is a reckoning measure, rather than unity of joyful actions (dance and song), persuasions (lean on me) and dedications (honorable).  And everyone is searching for home? But where is home? The Rainbow promises a return to abundance in our hearts. All is part of the great give-a-way. And all will be returned and received as such. We bow to this remembering in our hearts. 

The Sioux Task Force will help alleviate financial hardships among our communities, because all will be volunteers, community members help and heal community members. Church (unseen, sound waves) and State (seen, light waves) have been separated because of misunderstanding of science and particles of light and the frequencies they fly upon. We call this a spirit, the ghost dancer. It is our duty to unite what has been separated (unseen and seen, because we cannot see some light waves, just like we cannot hear some sound waves, this is the ark of the covenant knowledge, the promise of the rainbow,which talks about these frequencies, sines (triangulations) and signs for all of Mankind. We are learning to become this UNITY of ONENESS, a brotherhood (connected light particles, as we are crystalline beings of light, stones, sukkah, temporary dwelling of the spiritual soul in the physical sole), where the LAW is LOVE. We do not use physical weapons, we use spiritual weapons that purify evil and bring back the pure of heart. This is the great cleansing which is misunderstood by the perpetrators. We will show you how, in order for you to show others how and we can invite our Relatives HOME, to EACH OTHER. 

I am WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN your TWIN DEER MOTHER a promise of a great migration of all the stars who are returning. You are my STARS, you are my people, everyone I can see, everyone I can sea or envision, everything far and near, "We are going home to each other". I love you and I bow. We seek the promise of the Rainbow, you are my Relative once again.

Please come back to visit in a week or two for more alerts to creating a Sioux Task Force walking and talking with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, children of the Oneness, we call the Rainbow Clan. We are sorry for any confusions. If you have any questions please contact twindeermother@whitebuffalocalfwoman.org  In the meantime join us at a few of our circles, google+ indigocrystalchildren or facebook crystalindigochildren. 

Thank you. 
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother, elder crystal child of the Rainbow Clan including Man. Walking and talking with the Arks of the Covenant, the Rainbow Promise.

ps. A NOTE. We, alightfromwithin.org, a church, have been in Palo Alto and Mt. View working the streets as Missionaries since 2004. We have worked with many agencies in our efforts. We have gathered with indigo and crystal children in hoops and circles (social networks google and facebook) since our insurgence of gifting the Ark of the Covenant (Math proof, a perfection in every single thing unseen and seen. You are the holy arc, the bowing of love's wails, cries of all those tales). Jews, Suns in perpetutity gift this knowledge freely to the whole Rainbow Clan through this unified perspective. Understanding the need of the world, took time to create solutions to our enstranged times of continual prophecies. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy were difficult to define and measure as a whole. We want to heal the heeling. And NO ONE is LEFT BEHIND. We are ONE.

Dear Relatives, the Creator, and all of the Universe,

I bow to all of you. Thank you for helping me on my journey. I feel that I have come a long way, but it is just the beginning of my travels. I pray that I am able to realize and remember all that is within me. I ask this not only for myself, but for all of you as well. Since within is without, I have to know more about myself to know more about all of you. Nothing would make me happier than to realize the reality of Oneness on Mother Earth. It would be a blessing and an honor for me to see us all united in Love and Creative Power. It is long overdue my friends. Let us heal this world together, for all our Relations. 

With love and blessings,
Kelly Dreger, Jun 27, 2014
Buffalo Robe: Green, Violet, Magenta, Gray

Painting of Rainbow Woman by Grandmother Sows the Pillows (presently not shown)

Story 0f the First Warrior
What did the First Warrior say to the Great Spirit (Father)?

The first warrior looked out on the land that was his home. He saw the hills and the stars, and he was happy for giving him this home.

The first warrior told the Great Spirit that he would fight and win many battles in His honor. But the Great Spirit (Father) said "No (know), fight for your tribe. Fight for the family born to you, fight for the Brothers you fight." The Great Spirit said, "Fight for them, for they are your home."  -
Great Spirit- episode of Longmire

Artists displayed give-a-ways from White Buffalo Calf Woman Creations "Art Circle" http://www.facebook.com/groups/whitebuffalocalfwomancreations

Brotherhood is HEAR!
Love means 
Coming Together to Unite 
Walking Towards 
(NOT Separation)

If we are not fighting for LOVE, there is no other reason to fight!

We fight for the law of love upon the Red Road!  Unite broken hearts, validate and demand the sacred blessings to purify the impure winds. Warriors begin, stand your ground again. 
WALK TOWARDS "Wakan" or "Holy ". 
Blue Road gift me your wind!

Fight to Unite

Painting by Rainbow Moon Raven